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Currently our Conditions of User are only in Italian lenguage availaible. Automatic Translated Conditions of Use will follow soon, sorry for not correct part translation.

Under the contract buying and selling “on linens” the contract agrees at a distance and that is the store online (authorized from Rome through communication the Electronic Commerce Prot.CL 43583) having for object assets furnish and/or services stipulated between a supplier, WebDigitale di Alessaandro Sgro sas: 08796141003 with center in Rome Via Altomonte, 16, and a consumer customer within a at a distance organized system of sale from the supplier who, for such contract, employs the technology of communication at a distance called “Internet”. All the contracts, therefore, will directly be concluded through the access from part of the consumer customer to the situated Internet correspondent to the address:, where, following the indicated procedures, will succeed in to conclude the contract for the purchase of the good. For final consumer s'intende the physical person who acquires goods and services for scopes not directly riferibili to the professional activity eventually carried out. Here of continuation the terms of sale are brought back that will remain effective until will not come varied from the supplier. The eventual modifications to the terms of sale will be effective from the moment in which they will be published on the situated Internet and riferiranno to the carried out sales from then on.

All the selling prices of the exposed products and inside indicate you of the situated Internet, for which they constitute takeover bid according to of art. the 1336 c.c., they are comprehensive of every I.V.A and other tax if sold in the European Community (but various indicated).
The transport costs debitamente is evidenced in the appropriate page inside of the situated one that the customer will have cure of visionare before confirming the purchase; in delivery case abroad they will be to cargo of the consumer the eventual additional costs which had to taxes or taxes previewed from the enforced norm in the State of destination. The purchase contract perfects by means of the exact compilation and the consent to the purchase manifested through the given adhesion “on linens”. The customer can pay the goods only using the payment modalities indicates on-line to you to the action of the purchase.

WebDigitale di A.Sgro sas send to the customers the products selects on, with the modalities of which to the previous article, by means of couriers and/or shippers of confidence. The times of the delivery can vary from the same day of the order to a maximum of 15 work days to you. The foretold times of delivery refer to the present products to warehouse to the moment of the order. The delivery will come carried out from the carriers to the street plan. No responsibility could but be attributed to the supplier for delayed or lacked imputable delivery because of act of God or fortuitous case.

The customer will be able to acquire the products indicates to you in the predisposed electronic catalogue and the existing amounts to warehouse. In case an order had to exceed the existing amount in the warehouse, the computer science system will limitedly accept the purchase to the products available and will render the purchaser famous if said produced will be or less available in future and the time previewed for supplying. The delivery of the products acquires on the catalogue online to you of can happen near existing deliveries on the Italian territory or of the European comunity. In the event of acceptance of the order, WebDigitale di A.Sgro sas sends through expressed courier, to the address indicated on the order module. The normal times of delivery, for the European territory, preview the variable delivery of 8/15 gg. to you from the moment of the shipment of the order (they do not go considers you, in I compute of the times of delivery, the week end and the festive days).
All the orders with payment TT bank trasfer, will come only executed to reception of the receipt via FAX.

WebDigitale di A.Sgro sas does not assume some responsibility for the imputable mistake of God which incidents, outbreaks, fires, strikes and/or lock outs, thefts, earthquakes, alluviums and other similari events.


The Buyer engages itself and obligates, once concluded the purchase procedure “on linens”, to supply to the press and to the conservation of the present conditions he generates them, than, moreover, he will have already visionato and accepted in how much obliged passage in the purchase, let alone of the detailed lists of the product object of the purchase, and that to the aim to integrally satisfy the condition.
It is made strict prohibition the purchaser to insert given it is made, and/or it invents to you, and/or of fantasy, in the procedure of recording necessary to activate in its it confronts iter for the execution of the contracted present and relative the ulterior communications; the personal identifying data and the email must be exclusively own the real data personal and not of third persons, or of fantasy.
WebDigitale di A.Sgro sas reservoir to pursue legal every violation and abuse, in the interest and for the protection of the consumers all.

Buyer who for whichever reason did not think itself satisfied of the carried out purchase, has straight of recedere from the stipulated contract, without some penalty and without to specify of the reason, within the term of 10 work days to you passing for the assets from the day of their reception. The recess will have to be manifested by means of the shipment in the foretold term of days 10 of one registered letter with warning of the following reception to address: WebDigitale di Alessandro Sgro sas, Via Altomonte, 16 Rome - Italy - 0013. Mail:
Within the same term to a telegram or a fax can be sended to which it will have to follow within 48 hours the suindicata letter registered letter with warning of reception to confirmation of the manifested recess.
Once receipt the goods WebDigitale di A.Sgro sas forwards of the entire amount payed (no shipping cost) from the consumer for the purchase of the good within the term of thirty days. It will be cure of the buyr to timely supply the banking coordinates on which to obtain the discount (Cod. ABI, CAB, IBAN Checking account of the registered person of the invoice).

WebDigitale di A.Sgro sas has the faculty to resolve the stipulated contract giving of simple communication to the customer with adapted and justified motivations; in such case the customer will have straight exclusively to the restitution of the eventual sum already assumed and corresponded.

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Every relative controversy to the application, execution, interpretation and violation of purchase contracts stipulates “on linens to you” through situated is subordinate to the Italian jurisdiction. For whichever controversy between the parts with respect to the contracted present to the Justice of Rome.

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